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          Early on in my hairstylist career I worked hard to build a clientele in a salon setting, but by the time my twins arrived I knew in that season of my life my family needed me more. In 2015 I made the difficult decision to leave my beloved salon. It was during this time I realized it was not just a job, it was apart of my identity. I began slowly integrating clients back to my chair at home during the twin’s naptime & working wedding parties on the weekends.

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          I became a hairstylist in 2010 and in 2017 I expanded my skillset to include Aesthetics. Growing up in NWI, I always dreamed of a career that not only provided a lifestyle of stability & happiness, but it was also important for me to have a job that I was excited to do every day. I became a twin mom at 31 & with the increased pressure to provide & set a great example for my girls, I opened my own business in 2018.



Today I am a licensed Cosmetologist, Aesthetician & MUA.  I have expanded my family by one amazing husband & three more daughters and one on the way this May. So if you're counting that's SIX daughters between the ages of infancy to 17!  I LOVE that I get to work from my home base salon. I live for hair color transformations & formal event looks. I have even partnered with a few local photographers to service their female clients for boudoir & other photoshoots. I’m a laid back “go with the flow” individual & but my talent really shows through when my clients give me full creative control.  (and a lot of them do!) We women are “Altogether beautiful” so if you’re ready to live your best life click the new guest link below to schedule your next appointment with me! See you soon!


Sound like we'd vibe? click the link below to check out the gallery of my work and complete booking. 

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