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Use this page as a quick reference guide to familiarize yourself with the perks of being an NWH Bride, a timeframe for wedding day prep services for you, your bridal party & your groom. Plus you will find my top vendor referrals for make-up artists, photographers, grooms & bridal gifts, and more!
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I became a stylist in 2010 & in 2015 I made love of bridal my specialty. I have a blended family of 6 daughters (17, 14, 12, 8 year old twins & one on the way this May) as well as an old pug named Jax (he's such a good boy). As you can imagine with 5 kids & two small businesses, my home life stays pretty busy. To help curve the mania I took a big step in 2021 & built a salon suite in my home. My business has flourished once I made that move & I can't help but think it has something to do with how blissfully happy I am these days. In salon I specialize in blonding (check out my IG @nikkiwisehair), but I LIVE for wedding season!
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I'm President of the Self Care Club! Just kidding, but I am a BIG advocate for Bridal pampering during this crazy season in your life.  My salon prioritizes self-care! As an NWH Bride I offer you 20% off your first color experience. I'll make sure your hair & mindset are ready for your big day! Click this link to head over to the NEW GUEST PAGE to view my package pricing & claim your offer.  


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success plan

To ensure you look your fresh and best, I have a few suggested guidelines for your upcoming big day, as well as any pregame events. Use the recommended timeline for both you & your Groom as a guide for haircuts & coloring as well as body waxing and skincare. 
Hair cuts 2 to 7 days prior
Hair color 7 to 10 days prior
Skincare bridal series 6 to 8 weeks prior
Body waxing (new waxer) 10 days prior
Body waxing (experienced waxer) 2 days prior

Vendor Recommendations

Make-up Artist:
The Skin Witch (Eleni Kazonis)

Makeup with Myra (Myra Crawford)
(219) 670-8720

Boudoir Photographer:
Sara Monroe Studios

Wedding Photographer:
Alyssa Grace Photography

TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography


Toomies (Christa Aguilar)
(GREAT bridal party gifts of handmade soaps, scrubs & skincare)

Soothing Soles (Chenoa Fleenor)

The Skin Witch (Eleni Kazonis)


County Line Apple Orchard 
Hobart, IN

Uptown Social
Michigan City, IN

Gabis Arboretum
Valparaiso, IN

Avenue 912
Griffith, IN


Travel Agents:
Crystal Macchiarella
Discovery Travel

Kim Grubb


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